Libreboot project

Libreboot is a free (libre) BIOS/UEFI replacement. Based on coreboot, the aim is to distribute low-level boot firmware that is 100% free software, and easy to use. Learn more

Libreboot has many practical advantages over proprietary boot firmware, such as faster boot speeds and better security; source audits are possible and, therefore, the firmware is unlikely to contain backdoors (common in proprietary firmware). You can install GNU/Linux with encrypted /boot/, verify GPG signatures on your kernel, write-protect the flash chip, run a full operating system directly from the flash chip (planned for a future release), and more.

Pre-configured libreboot systems are also available, from several commercial suppliers.



How to help?

Libreboot is developed in a series of git repositories for the firmware (coreboot distribution), documentation and the main part of the website. Browse the main repository

A list of high priority tasks can be found at docs/tasks.html.

Information about how libreboot is maintained, can be found at docs/maintain/index.html.


This page is available under GNU AGPLv3 or higher, from a git repository.