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Libreboot is a coreboot distribution (distro) with proprietary software removed, intended to be a free (libre) 'BIOS' replacement for your computer. More about libreboot.

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Downloads (stable/tested)

These are tested releases, recommended for general use.

Releases can be found at docs/release.html
List of supported hardware.

Documentation is at docs/index.html or under ./docs/ in the release archives.

The current release is from October 15th, 2014

Downloads (unstable/untested)

For development of libreboot.

While more up to date, the git repo is highly experimental and should not be considered stable for general use. ROM images are provided, built from the latest git. Only use these if you are able to recover from bricking your machine.

Source code (meta data):
git clone

Documentation (latest git): devdocs/index.html
How to use the git repo: devdocs/index.html#build_meta
ROM images (built from latest git): gitbin/

Contact Information

User support mailing list:

Development mailing list:

IRC channel: #libreboot (FreeNode)

Email: (GPG)

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